I am happy to welcome you on the site of my Siberian Neva Masquerade Cattery “Zvezdnaya Rossyp”!

First of all let me introduce myself:

My name is Tatyana Perunova. I organized my cattery in spring 2011. The cattery is registered at WCF in Germany and at IFC (International Phelinological Club) “Felis”. Despite the fact that the cattery is quite young and we are just at the beginning of our way, we already have some honorable achievements (proof link).

We are a collective cattery. Our breading cats and all kittens that are born at our cattery are registered at IFC “Felis”. This is the oldest Russian phelinological association that is lead for many years by a WCF expert Abramova Olga. Its Vice-Precedent is Shustrova Inna, PhD and a WCF Judge, also the head of the club’s breeding program. You may find more information about IFC “Felis” here (link).

We are proud that our breeding animals’ pedigree are blood relatives of the oldest Moscow catteries such as “Zhemchug Nevy”, “Alberto Perseus”, “Assolada”, “Gentle Beast”, “Sarji”, “Saint Russia” and “Danvel”. The Siberian cats of these catteries have been the winners of many shows for years and won the love of many admirers of our native Russian breed.

In our work we try to breed respectable, perspective and beautiful animals that can successfully compete at any show and exhibition. It is important to mention that our breeding program involves only the animals from “un-spraying” breeding lines!

All breeding cats of our cattery are healthy, genetically tested and periodically tested for absence of infection disease.

On this site you may get more closely acquainted with our pets, see the photos of our graduates and to see them grown up, be informed about our further breeding plans and show achievements, to know about new born kittens and reserve the kitten you love! All the photos on this site are clickable.

If you will have any questions you are welcome to ask any by e-mail (link)  or leave the request here (link).

I hope you will enjoy our site! You also may leave a response here if you like (link).

Sincerely yours, instructor-phelinology Tatiana Perunova